Epilator: selection and use

Epilator: selection and use
 Among the most popular ways to remove unwanted hair epilator is not the last - the hairs grow slowly, thus changing its structure, become thin and weak. Manufacturers are constantly improving the model, making the procedure less painful and more convenient.
 When selecting the epilator should pay attention to the following criteria:


The particular pattern depends on which part of the body it is planned to use the device.

The number of modes or speed

Standard models have two main speed - slow but long and painful hair removal and quick to get rid of unwanted vegetation with less pronounced pain. Some epilators, there are rows of double brushes, feeding the hair - the process is quick and painless.

Number of nozzles

The choice of nozzle depends on what area to be treated (legs, bikini, and so on), but the more tools included, the functionality of the device. Nozzle for peeling helps to get rid of ingrown hairs, hair removal point function is useful for the treatment of the bikini area, lights make the procedure comfortable.

Availability of pain functions

Hair removal is considered to be a painful procedure, so reducing the discomfort provides additional comfort of use. Massage brush, washing of the skin with water, cooling or stretching - any of these functions anesthetic, so choose a model according to individual sensitivity threshold.

Type of food and purification methods

The possibility of autonomous power supply makes the device an indispensable on the road and traveling. If the blades epilator can be washed, the cleaning will take no more than a couple minutes.

By purchasing the appliance, read the instructions carefully. Prepare your skin for the procedure - take a shower and clean the skin. Wait for the complete drying of the skin and proceed to remove the hair. The appliance should be kept at an angle to the surface, but not pressed against the skin, which is better for a little pull. Select the desired mode of operation - working at high speed is suitable for the treatment of legs, intimate zone better epilate in slow mode. If the hairs are too long, they should be cut - for optimal removal of a length of 5 mm. After epilation necessarily soften the skin, using special tools, prevents irritation and ingrown hairs.

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Epilator: selection and use
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