How to return to the family of her husband, a workaholic

How to return to the family of her husband, a workaholic
 From the side it may well seem that a workaholic - the perfect husband. Earn money, do not go to the left, more often than not smoke or drink. But on the other hand, daily lonely evenings and lie on your homework problems, sooner or later forced to ask the question "How can I return to the family of her husband, a workaholic?"

Among the shortcomings of her husband, a workaholic, especially annoying women, that he constantly talks about the work, you do not pay as much attention as you deserve, at any moment can break at work and often gloomy and silent. But at the same time, a man, a workaholic often absent bad habits, it provides a good family, respects your independence and is able to quickly solve the serious problems.

What are the different types of workaholics? The first type is at work hiding from all the problems. He gives the appearance of a mad employment constantly lingers in the evenings and brings takes work home. Most often this occurs because of the uncomfortable family environment. Perhaps such a workaholic many complexes, which he tries to compensate for the work. How can I remove it from the work? Impress your man that without it you absolutely do not manage - children do not listen, tap flowing in the store deceive, and iron, you're just afraid. But in any case, try not to cut it! On the contrary, for the slightest thing in the house of her husband praise and worry that you will not do it.

Another type of workaholics, it is men who are accustomed to do everything perfectly, "excellent". Such an "Excellent" whole life trying to prove that he is able to grasp the immensity. The root of his problem is that he considers himself unworthy of love, because as a child he was praised only for success. Help the husband of his love, understanding. Perhaps he himself was tired of the race, but is afraid to admit it. Aim of his energy in the home track: Put on the part of her husband's duties, but not at the expense of rest, otherwise it will very quickly overstrain!

The next type of workaholic can be described as "greedy." Most often it is greedy for money and fame. The reason for this behavior is also likely lies in childhood. Either your husband did not like the parents, and it compensates for it making money, or he lived in such poverty that is constantly endured ridicule. Or maybe he just likes to feel irreplaceable and unique. Psychologists recommend to treat "greedy" sex. Perhaps in bed you will be able to cure him of his complexes and show that pleasure can be obtained not only from work.

But if your efforts were to no avail, rather rejoice, because your husband is a workaholic, not an alcoholic, which is obviously much worse. You can find a hobby and leave wife alone. The more sessions you will find for yourself, the easier it will be to accept the permanent employment of the husband.

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