How to Prevent Divorce

How to Prevent Divorce
 Marriage - a joyous occasion for the two lovers. Unfortunately, many couples subsequently decays. Someone frantically looking for ways to save the family, someone let things take their course. Often, those and others take such important decisions are not themselves, but under the influence of friends, family, and rarely consult a professional psychologist.
 Causes of divorce are many. Someone - adultery, for someone - a daily routine, all the habits studied, all days are the same, for someone - inattention and indifference, constant conflict, alcoholism.

If you are sure that your family must be preserved, though not much, it means that it is possible to convince the other side. Set a right goal, you may have to go to some concessions. Understand the causes of conflict.

If the motive of divorce - treason, discuss why it happened, maybe it's a momentary passion, frivolity. To save the family will have to give husband / wife a second chance to learn to trust.

The motive for the divorce can become a family life. Time passes, both spouses know each other well, do not expect surprises, managed to come to terms with negative character traits, but the family relationship boredom can turn into a real torture.

To be able to change something, you will need both desire. Both spouses must understand that it is necessary to take a break from everyday routine. Try to arrange a pleasant surprise, most say compliments, support the belief that your relationship will remain the same.

Routine delays, if one spouse is not working. Particularly difficult if one of the halves "drags" the house of trouble at work. It is clear that at work, anything can happen, but to vent evil on a loved one is not necessary.

Good family should hold onto traditions. Share your plans for the day in the morning, eat together, "kulinarte" in the kitchen together. Pamper each other gifts, give the little things - nice chocolate pack, sign a card, buy the necessary things in life. Signs of attention does not necessarily have to be expensive - not everyone has the money to teach diamonds.

Trust your beloved one, try to find common ground, compromise, to understand each other.

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