How to improve relations in the family

How to improve relations in the family
 If the relationship with her husband ceased to bring joy, becoming a succession of gray everyday life, and in conversations are increasingly began to appear pause, it is worth considering that not come if your married life to a standstill. After all, the family - a constant work, the search for compromise and common solutions. So, you should do everything to make your feelings only grew stronger over the years.
 Concentrate on good terms spouse

Remember how you were treated to a beloved man in the beginning of your novel? Surely you thought that your partner is full of good qualities, while its shortcomings look insignificant. After a few years of marriage, the situation is changing in the opposite direction: the dignity of man seem self-evident, but his negative traits begin to irritate stronger and stronger.

This results in unsuccessful attempts to "re-educate" the spouse, pull it up to the level of the ideal that exists only in Hollywood melodramas and female imagination. But the first rule of a strong relationship - the unconditional acceptance of the partner. This means that a person who is close to you, it is necessary to appreciate the way it is. Try to re-focus on its "pros" and disadvantages perceived as part of the person loved, not the problem of universal scale.

Learn to listen

Understanding - one of the pillars on which rests the family unit. After all, the support of loved ones helps to survive any difficulties in life. To become for her husband's best friend and advisor, you need to learn to listen .... If the spouse begins to tell you about important things for him, it is worth a few minutes to put their case and immerse themselves in the conversation. Thus you will demonstrate how highly appreciate it. Never interrupt and do not put your subject, even if you do not talk very interesting.

More pleasant words

Men need constant encouragement and belief in their capabilities. Psychologists say that many of the stronger sex on the side looking not so much sexual pleasure as admiration. After all, many wives act as an "anchor", constantly reminding his halves of past failures, failures and mistakes. To improve relations with spouse, try to change the strategy. Let "Gingerbread" will be much more than the "stick".

Take the initiative in intimate life

Sexual relations - an important element of family life. So do not postpone sex for the latest line in the list of your priorities. Man hardly notice that you are dusted or cleaned the toilet to shine, but another "tired, do not want," sounded in the marital bedroom, can lead to serious conflict and cooling of relations. Of course, to be super woman, capable of somersaults in bed after work, cooking, washing and cleaning very easy. Therefore it is necessary to involve loved to work on the house, claiming his promises mind-blowing evening caresses. Talking about sex will not only be an incentive for the partner, but also set you on the right way.

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