Guest marriage

Guest marriage
 Guest marriage - an option relations code spouses do not live together, and come to each other's homes, and sometimes stay overnight, but each has its own living space. At the same time, the relationship may even be officially registered, although often a form of civil marriage.
 In Russia, the guest of marriage is not too common. They usually occur when people just start a relationship and still do not live together. The decision not to conduct a joint household, while having a serious relationship "at a distance", in our country are rare. In the West, mature couple often quite consciously choose an organization of family happiness.

For some reason, people do not want to organize a full life together, content relationships, characterized by the minimum liability to each other? You can try to sort out this issue.

The most common cause is a need for both partners in a personal space that they do not want to share with another person, even loved. After all, other people's habits can seriously shake up the routine of life. It is often such couples are planning to move out in the future, when it comes to in order to make offspring. It happens that they are planning to have a big house or a huge apartment, where everyone will have their own territory.

Unfortunately, the situation with the housing issue is that sometimes the couple simply can not afford to provide decent housing. Sometimes there is not so much money to buy it, and even rent. This guest forced marriage. If the partners are patient and love each other, then soon they find a way to buy or rent an apartment and live together happily all permitted. Sometimes separate residence due to the fact that one spouse is working away, often in another country, and the partner can not move there too. This is a serious test for the marriage.

Conscious option guest relations when the wife deliberately decided to disperse, can be taken as an attempt to avoid divorce. Such relationships happen when people are "closely together and apart boring." Then separate living can improve business.

It is a definite plus guest of marriage is that the couple is not a joint life. They like all the time are in the honeymoon, no fights and scandals due to the fact that someone did not wash the dishes or not thrown out of a chocolate wrapper. On the other hand, when the couple is in a state of strong love, partners much easier to get used to the daily needs of each other, than later, when a particularly strong sense of calm and get along may be much more difficult.

If you are considering this option for their relationship, remember that sometimes the people living in the guest marriage can break up so that at the meeting feel almost strangers. It is important to avoid the sort. Although the most important thing yet to the relationship suits both partners. If the guest marriage solves all the problems in your couple - then this is your way out.

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