Family or work

Family or work
 Before a woman who seeks to make a good career will always be a choice: family or work. Ate you want to combine these two spheres of our lives into one, will have to try hard to balance almost on the verge. In this situation, it is important that your husband understands how important it is to work for you. But do not forget to prove his love.

So, work it all went uphill. Approaching a major contract, the management will appreciate your work and is ready to increase the post, etc. In this regard, you have to stay a long time in the office, go on business trips, to settle other minor problems and inaccuracies.

At this time, your husband can not leave the house because it is necessary to put the kids to bed, feed them, play, read a story, etc. From you, he did not even wait to return home in time one goes to bed. Unfortunately, in the future, it threatens to turn into a major conflict.

If you think that after the signing of a lull, remove the rose-colored glasses. For one contract will be followed by a second, a third for the second and so on. Soon you will hardly be able to find a way out of this situation.

In order to keep the family together, talk with all the people in the household calmly and seriously. You have to explain your work - a way to give them the life they deserve. And you throw them against their will, but only because of the need. It is worth to openly express their feelings, love and grief of separation.

Together you can discuss the situation and find the right solution. You may be able to carve out one day a week, when the office phone is turned off, the keys to the office on a long abandoned pocket bags, etc. No work, only family and close friends.

This day will be a real treat for all of you. Go to a show or in a movie, go for a picnic or nature. In the evening, cook a delicious dinner and arrange a joint viewing of the film. Who knows what will happen in a month or two. Perhaps you will become a housewife, a caring mother, who never for a moment to part with their babies.

Always remember that for you is of great value - family or work. In accordance with this and make your choice.

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