Do you want to save the family - do not pull the scandal!

Do you want to save the family - do not pull the scandal!
 Families in which the showdown takes place rapidly, it is often much stronger than those which are used to hide their feelings. This is explained by the fact that in pairs with "Italian" temperament all problems are solved immediately, and after a stormy explanation comes peace. A second type of relationship partners hoarding resentment, misunderstanding grows, and family breaks on what people are absolutely alien to each other.
 How to be in the case where one of the spouses used to sort things out at once, and the other remained silent and saves negative? Try to talk with a partner. Find out what it is not satisfied. Even if he yell, splash out emotions. Hiding their feelings, a person does not hurt only themselves, but also calls into question the very existence of the family. After all, if he does not tell what hurt and what's the problem, solve it will never succeed.

To scandal really helped to understand the relationship, and not caused their breakup, you need to follow a few rules. Firstly, do not beat on a patient. That you know the weaknesses favorite. In no case did not mention it during the showdown, or you put a loved one strong emotional trauma. Second - do not touch the second half of the family - parents, brothers, sisters, friends, etc..d. This can greatly annoy the opponent, he will rush to protect the family, and your conversation will go a completely different direction. Third - do not say a word, which then will be sorry. For example, "Let's divorce," "I do not love you", "pack your things and go," etc..d. Said in the heat of an argument, they can lead to very unpleasant consequences. And you, instead of to get something from a partner, just lose it. Also, do not make trouble with drunk man to sort things out in front of strangers, yelling at the children, and so on.d.

In some cases it is better to find out all at once, even if it leads to scandal? If a man is caught in a lie, if he constantly do things that do not fit into your idea of ​​a normal family life (drinking, hanging out with friends, meet with a former girlfriend, spending all the money on themselves), etc. Talking frankly you will understand if they want to partner change, or are satisfied. And decide whether you agree with it all live on or sense in continuing the relationship is not. It is better to initially find out all the details that after ten or fifteen years do not berate yourself and curse the man who became the unloved, who spent the best years.

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