Civil marriage: he real?

Civil marriage: he real?
 Civil marriage - a form of cohabitation, came to us from the West. Until that time, our compatriot could not have imagined that the relationship can not be registered. This is not said about the modern man - that they have a "marriage without the stamp" is more popular.
 Civil marriage appeared in the Netherlands in the 16th century, but then it was a progressive form of the solution of the problem - people of different faiths could not get married in the church, and the power went out to meet them, officially registering the relationship. It was such marriages were called "civil" rather than a simple cohabitation in the same area. Today, this concept has received a different meaning: civil - means not registered in the registry office marriage.

In the eyes of today's young people civil marriage has many advantages. Still, it is possible to live with the girl, enjoying all the benefits of family life: comfort, care, and obstirannym be ironed, come into the house, where you are always welcome, greeted with a kiss and a delicious dinner, always support in a difficult situation, and tell you what is good. Well, of course, safe sex to boot. And in this case - is not practical to carry the responsibility and have the opportunity at any time to close the door behind him and pereporhnut another flower, in other tender embrace.

In addition, in our country in the event of separation law wife can not claim the property law husband, when it will be only a broken heart and children. So it is understandable why it is men who argue that the stamp in the passport does not matter - "because I love you and love so much."

Women aware of this possibility and not very bright prospects, trying to somehow create for themselves a solid ground. Stamp of marriage and let the little formality, but gives a woman the opportunity to at least social guarantees and protection.

If your life is still turned in such a way that you are, for whatever reasons, are forced to live in a civil marriage, do not hesitate - keep a home accounting. Acquire joint property - is made in equity or joint ownership, make major purchases - Keep receipts to prove the fact of their acquisition during cohabitation, have children - register paternity, and in any case is not made out a long-term loan or mortgage.

Do not be afraid to show himself a "unromantic" and "mercantile" special - think about your future and the future of their children. If you do not, then can deeply regret it.

It may make sense for some short time to live on a voluntary basis, if you do want to look at the person who you are seriously interested, but do not delay this time - even with the Wedding March will begin your long and happy married life.

Civil marriage, rather, may be suitable for older people, who have grown up children, there are social guarantees and material support - as a way to live with a pleasant man of the heart, when the most important thing in life has already taken place, it would be desirable to avoid loneliness, and have the strength and desire to be happy .

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