Are you a good mother in law?

Are you a good mother in law?
 To determine whether you are a good mother in law, we can rephrase the well-known saying: "If you are so easy that you feel elated, then you have a gold-in-law." Not every daughter can boast of such feelings. Sadly, often to blame for this is very in-law.

No one doubts that every mother adores her children. Sometimes that love comes to the absurd: a woman who had a son chose to create a family, the mother begins to see the enemy.

Of course, to give way to the heart of the son is quite difficult, because so many years you think you are the only woman I love. But children grow up pretty quickly and in addition filial love experiencing love men. This fact must be reconciled as soon as possible. And in order to avoid many problems to repay the natural feeling of jealousy.

It is not necessary to reproach daughter that she is not so leads economy. This is a natural process that in the years of his life in the same place you have produced certain habits, a special attachment to the surrounding sequence. And living with a strange woman a feeling of negativity. However, this situation should not pass the initial stage of grinding. Any disgruntled comments can be replaced with praise and advice to try to do it differently. Then the first steps toward gaining respect daughter will be more successful.

Participation in disputes children also will not bring peace to the family. Neither son nor daughter still will not be able to adequately listen to you, considering your comments invasion of privacy. Neutral position in this case would be the best solution.

Finally, do not make mistakes, provoking conflicts in a new family of your son. Do not bring her son and daughter to the fact that they will dream of you move out to a separate living space. Do not check the pot of soup and other dishes, as long as your daughter is hosting the kitchen. Do not dig on lockers son, figuring out whether he has spare scarves. Do not get involved in the life style of your daughter and son in their modes of entertainment and recreation. And always knock before entering the children's room.

If you obey all the rules of conduct, your life as the life of your son be much easier, and you will rightly be regarded as the gold-in-law.

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