15 Amenities marriage

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 Let someone joking that "a good deal not be called marriage", but in family relationships huge number of advantages. Even if you have long since living together, and you think that stamp in the passport will not give you anything new, try - you will immediately feel the pleasures of marriage.

1) The first advantage in legitimizing relationships - a wedding. What girl does not dream from childhood of a magnificent ceremony and snow-white veil? Besides the fact that you will become heroes of the holiday and get a bunch of gifts, and you have a romantic trip. Oh, and most importantly, most likely, it will all be paid for not by you and your parents have long dreamed of having their "unreasonable daughter" has finally ceased to live with a male civil marriage.

2) It also follows the second marriage pleasantness. If earlier it was assumed that you hesitate displays of affection in public, with his parents, but now you have every right to kiss your man anywhere. Even if the parents will come to you to stay and hear suspicious noises at night from your bedroom, blush morning you do not have - you husband and wife.

3) Another pleasure of marriage is that after the wedding, relatives and parents will help you equip the family nest. So again, wait for gifts and offers to pay you to repair.

4) The new name also usually is a positive thing to legitimize relations. If it is sonorous and beautiful, you will be very pleased to rehearse his new signature.

5) With regard to the relationship with her husband, then they will change a little. Just a short time after the wedding you will feel that they have become fully responsible for each other. It will teach you the feeling of mutual support and care about the partner, which is certainly also a pleasant side of marriage. Husband always runs to the drugstore for you and give your sweater if you freeze.

6) Very pleasant moment of marriage is sex. Because now you live together, it is possible to make love appears much more. In addition, because now you have to have sex with only one person, you will surely begin a careful study of new techniques and positions.

7) Husbands often indulge their wives, it is certainly very nice. If previously you had to cut out the money for a new fur coat, now that responsibility can be safely entrusted to the loving wife.

8) Joint planning, when you and your husband decide where to go on vacation or what kind of car to buy, too pleasantness marriage. Since you are a family, and you need to take into account the wishes of each other, the husband surely would agree to buy a car of your favorite color.

9) After the wedding, you will be treated with more respect in the workplace. In the eyes of the staff you will immediately become mature and responsible person.

10) With a stamp in the passport will be easier to beg leave together with her husband.

11) The spouse will always help you to sort out any problems at work. And if the work you do and do not like - to allow you to "sit on his neck," as long as you look for a new one.

12) stamped in their passport is good also for the passage of any instances, for example, when attached to the clinic in the place of residence of the spouse.

13) to marry, you make the first step in the birth of the child. It is safe to assume that a man who offered you my hand and heart, see you in the role of the mother of his children. Does not that nice?

14) When your children will be born, they will have a mom and dad with one name.

15) And finally, marriage enjoyable by the fact that wearing a ring, your loved one vows to be with you always. So, in old age is provided to you snore pretty close, two false teeth on one nightstand and slow walking arm in arm.

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