Why change husbands wives

Why change husbands wives
 According to surveys of sociologists some of the men change their regular partners or wives. This can occur for several reasons. Here and dissatisfaction with family life, and misconduct weak halves, and just interest.

Reasons for change can be set. One of them is the bad character of the second half. Agree, even back home, knowing that would be a scandal, do not want. This applies to absolutely everyone. If a woman tries at every opportunity to show his displeasure, the man most likely to be unfaithful to her. Similarly happens with overly jealous or finicky women.

Another reason may be the inability wife to run the household. If a man eats daily purchase-dumplings and fried eggs, and home is always a mess, the man even on a subconscious level, will seek a better hostess.

At risk are women and who are accustomed to indulge in all your soul mate. If she rushes to fulfill every desire, forgets himself and puts his interests above their own, a man very quickly get used to this situation and believes that he can do anything.

Wives who forget about their appearance or on the side of love relationships, too, can expect disappointment. Agree, located next to the messy and unsympathetic partner is very unpleasant. Similarly, men uncomfortable if a woman becomes too cold and avoids intimate relationships.

But not always cheating is due to misconduct weak half. For example, a spouse may be too demanding. And then it would be unlikely to give even a perfect wife. Sometimes the husband can not assert themselves in life, then he tries to do this at least in bed. It does not matter with what kind of woman.

It happens that the stronger sex just want some variety. And if there is a pretty woman, he tries to get her. Well, that and very rare men who betrayal - the main goal in life. Of course, this character trait over time may change

Most often the cause of male adultery lies in the lack of harmony in life, dissatisfaction with their relationship. And if the woman will behave correctly, the man will remain faithful to her. Except, of course, of the last-described reasons.

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