What do we learn about the married life of proverbs and sayings?

What do we learn about the married life of proverbs and sayings?
 Unlabeled national witty marriage is not enough. Often, with or without come to mind different proverbs and sayings, inherited from the older generations. What we are told these are short and succinct statements about marriage?

The theme of marriage in Russian folklore - one of the central, favorite, presented in all its diversity. Here and good-natured, and quite dark humor and helpful tips, and a statement of facts.

For single and lonely little respect in Russia from time immemorial was not: "The Russian people without family lives" and "idle succor God, and married the mistress will help." Because marriage is seen as necessary, regular and not necessarily based on mutual sympathy event in the lives of young people, "endure - slyubitsya." At the same time, one of the proverbs and wise optimistically states: "Where there is love and advice, and there is no grief."

By choosing a wife approach the groom had to be pragmatic: "Choose a cow by the horns, and the girl - to leave" or "sick wife to her husband is not sweet."

Special happiness in marriage Russian girls wisdom promises, because "Baba repent, the girls are going to get married." Or is this warning about the unenviable share of the bride: "Do not grieve, married iduchi: the husband beat becomes, then naplacheshsya."

The wedding is supposed to be fun and long: "Being at the wedding, but not drunk - a sin" and "A good wedding - week."

But a large number of proverbs and sayings the important role of women in the successful marriage: "A good wife - a fun and thin - evil potion", "good wife home save and bad rastryaset sleeve." The wife should be like around her husband, because "Husband and wife - one of Satan."

Bad marriage is equated with the unenviable single share, "alone - even drown, married - even strangle." Divorce is a true act of Russian folklore is not considered a "Smart converge, diverge fools," and again comes to mind all the same "Sterpitcja-Sljubitsja."

Reward and consolation to spouses in a marriage are children, and the more of them the better, "smaller than the", "Children - the grace of God", "Daughters of glory, sons live in high esteem." Proper education of children - the key to a peaceful and respectable old age: "Kids are good - father, mother crown, are thin - father, mother end" and "Feed my grandfather on the stove, he'd be there."

Happiness in Russia - what's best to hide from people, so as not to jinx: "Happy to be - all annoy", so we have to live, "unable to endure dirty linen in public", as in a bad or a good. It is best to while away the century, together with many people in the household, because "family is strong when one roof over it."

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