Synesthesia and its manifestation

Synesthesia and its manifestation
 Synesthesia - a phenomenon that has recently begun to pay attention to the researchers. It lies in the fact that the perception of a sensory organ in the brain there is a feeling typical for a very different sense organ. For example, looking at the color, you can "hear" what it sounds like, or to determine the color of smell.

The most common types of synesthesia are hearing, when looking at the color, or the observation of any phenomena person "hears" sound, although in reality there is no sound, as well as gustatory synesthesia, characterized in that the person feels the taste of words, colors, image also not uncommon - Association for letters and numbers.

Synesthesia was "discovered" by scientists about a hundred years ago. It was then that was first coined this term, also used the phrase "color hearing." But to date, this topic is so unexplored that in any encyclopedia, in any scientific reference does not define the term. When they say synesthesia, it is important who says the word. Psychologists usually mean intersensory Association. Critics say poetic device in which intertwine epithets for completely different objects or phenomena. Musician, is likely to be borne in mind color and spatial association with music. Also by this word can understand the nature of the interaction between the different spheres of art.

If you've noticed a tendency for intersensory to such associations do not have to worry about it. This is not a mental illness, but a completely normal personality, through which the human person becomes just richer. Many found any manifestation of synaesthesia, more or less insignificant. Bright cases of synaesthesia occur in about one out of 25,000 people. Among sinestetikov much dominated by women.

It is believed that sinestetiki inclined to art and creativity, with the exact sciences they have problems, most often it is left-handed, they usually have a good memory, they tend to order, but confused, focusing in space. Such a collective portrait of a man with synesthesia.

Usually sinestetik phenomena associated with each other, and subsequently during the life of these associations have not changed. Many of them are very individual, but there are some common elements. For example, many sinestetiki agree that darkness is associated with satiety and with something rough and soft and bright light, on the contrary, hunger, something hard and smooth. Musical sounds high tones recognized light and dark - low. The letter "O" appears white in more than half of the cases.

Scientists have not decided yet so, what are the causes of synesthesia. Perhaps nerve impulses in the brain several mixed. Brain scans have sinestetikov showed that different lobes of the brain linked somewhat different brain activity also has its own characteristics.

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Synesthesia and its manifestation
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