Unloved husband

Unloved husband
 Have you ever wondered when she married a man she did not love, that such an alliance not only bring you moral satisfaction, but also can cause a lot of diseases? Women living in a marriage of convenience, more likely to suffer from hypertension, stomach ulcer, asthma and other diseases that occur in the nervous system.

Dissatisfaction with sex life provokes the development of many diseases of female genitalia. Therefore, cheating husband, herself, family and friends, all of you will never be able to trick their nature and your body.

Life with the unloved husband usually does not bring pleasure, even when a woman is living at his expense and can afford whatever he wants. After all, the money did not love men can buy clothes, jewelry, car, but not love, happiness, trust and understanding.

Living with a man without love, you doom yourself to constant and strict control of their words, actions, emotions and even thoughts. Because in order to feel comfortable and safe, you need to constantly lie to his wife about what you feel for him a strong love and affection, even when you barely tolerate it.

If you think that you easily manage to lie and does not give much effort to portray the love and passion for the unloved man, your nervous system will still accumulate negative emotions. Sooner or later it will be on the verge of failure or exhaustion.

Another nuance of life with the unloved person - your body will still crave love experiences, satisfaction of physiological needs. Therefore, many women entered into a marriage of convenience, lead up to the secret affair, which do not always end well for them.

No man, let alone one that earns a lot of money and fulfill all your desires, will not share his wife with anyone. In addition, for the physical betrayal power husbands can not just leave a woman to fend for themselves, but also to punish her.

Often provided, but unloved husbands so restrict the freedom of women, forced her to stay at home, do not allow to educate ourselves and build a career. This "golden cage" is rarely appeal to even the most humble of the fair sex.

Therefore, before you link their fate with the person to whom you are experiencing only a sense of respect, but not anymore, consider whether you are ready to restrict their freedom, ready to abandon the passionate and sincere love relationships, ready to leave if the dream of a career.

After all, in life there are two core values, striving for that, he gets real satisfaction and happiness - is self-realization and love.

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