To some it mom, and someone in-law

To some it mom, and someone in-law
 How not to get involved in bloody battles with her mother of her husband - first, as best we can to try to find the family of her husband, and secondly, do not build illusions about the new family, and be ready to accept new families as they are, and thirdly , Establish yourself independent adult who is able to make important informed decisions on every level: from the choice of recipe steamed vegetables for dinner to the analysis of the real estate market.

Just yesterday you became a lawful wife, and today your mother in law is calling his son, in combination - your husband, and gives valuable guidance. Just a couple of days-in-law comes to visit you. And you immediately start to wonder and to visit it? After all, you can see how she is eyeing to dust on the TV, "accidentally" look into the fridge, shook his head and sighs and a couple of days will bring the beloved son of his favorite pies with cabbage and lettuce "mimosa" because you do them or do not know how, or do not want. With each visit to her mother in law becomes increasingly difficult to control your emotions and cute smile.

The situation becomes more complicated when a young family living under the same roof with her husband's parents. Then mom husband have to show who is the mistress of the house. She tries to impose his style you farming, explains how to live. And so from morning to late evening. Of course, imaginary world in families must end sooner or later. And then comes the real war. Even the most prudent young wives do not always manage to be diplomats. If in the near future, you can not afford to live separately from her husband's parents, still need to develop a strategy for their behavior. After all, your husband too unpleasant, returning home from work, see your dissatisfied person to listen to for dinner reproaches her mother.

The following tips will help you avoid or at least mitigate the negative atmosphere in the house. Man in no case should not pretend that he does not notice what is happening; at the same time it should not stand on someone's side, thus offending the other without shouting, nervous, hurt both loving woman. The best thing in such cases to discuss the dispute in a joke, kiss the wife and mother, to invite them to walk together stroll in the park, cafe. Get tickets to the show or exhibition. Or have a family shopping. Bring together family and flipping the family album with a cup of tea or coffee. A man should show women that they are the same for a road. And each has its rights and obligations. Important for a young family comfort and warm atmosphere. Young wife must feel the support of her husband and mother-in-esteem. In any case, the conflict can be resolved with minimal losses. And it must understand all its members. A young wife should not forget that the mother of her husband, in any case will think that it is the main woman in his life.

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