Sleeping with the Enemy, or male way of reconciliation

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 Another fifteen minutes ago, you stamped their feet, screaming and released stinging remarks, and now between you love unfolding battle? Custom option to improve relations - to move the place of fighting in the bedroom.

This method of reconciliation usually prefer men, although many of the fair half of mankind admit that after a quarrel thrill of lovemaking sharper and brighter. However, every coin has two sides.

Lovely curse - just amuse.
Sometimes quarrel followed by rapid reconciliation in bed - it is a way ... to get closer. During the conflict partner emotionally moving away from you. Therefore, after an argument you make love not with the usual companion, and a stranger, and the element of novelty exacerbates feelings, making them brighter.

For couples who have no serious disagreements, and happen only minor spats, a way to refresh the relationship only strengthens the emotional intimacy partners. It is important that after the reconciliation between the bed you had no misunderstanding and resentment. Because then an innocent way to survive the emotional jolt and improve relations acquires a very different meaning ...

I did not say "yes", my lord.
If the conflict was caused by serious disagreements, and to compromise, you did not come, then sex after an argument would be more violent than a way to refresh the relationship. As a rule, this unpleasant side "bed" reconciliation encounters the woman - as if making love to her is important emotional intimacy and understanding with your partner. And if the initiative comes only from men, and a woman has to suppress the negative emotions and to obey such an option of establishing relations, sex after a quarrel not bring her no pleasure, no peace of mind.

If your partner prefers it this way to put up - it's possible that he was suffering from a sexual disorder that psychologists call "cider Nero." It lies in the fact that man for a good sex partner need to insult, to quarrel with it: during the conflict occurs the release of hormones that increases arousal. So men like to feel resistance, albeit tacit - it strengthens their self-confidence.

However, you should not entertain illusions that suppressing their own negative reactions, you will be able to keep the peace in a relationship. Discuss with your partner the situation. Perhaps for your output pair will be role-playing games or making love in unusual circumstances: as during an argument, there will be the release of hormones, and sex will bring no less strong feelings than after a quarrel. A dispute arising between you you will discuss more relaxed, to reconciliation brings joy and pleasure to both.

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