Relations crisis: divorce or keep the family

Relations crisis: divorce or keep the family
 Relations crisis can catch in the first year of family life, and, more recently, the seemingly happy couple suddenly becomes aware that the marriage was a mistake. Husband and wife remember all the wrongs of the past, because of what the situation is heating up even more, life becomes unbearable. The air hangs heavy word - divorce ... But how often many families, having made this desperate step, understand that marriage could be saved.  
 Given that building new relationships after divorce is very difficult, a husband and wife is always worth thinking about whether to go for divorce or still try to save their once-happy family. In this situation, psychologists are advised to begin to understand the priorities.

Sometimes one spouse continues to cling to the ruins of the marriage, for fear of losing a comfort that he gives him. Fear of being deprived of the wealth that can give only the current spouse in the balance outweigh all other factors. That fear is in such a situation the only thread on which keep family relationships. One can hardly call it a good incentive to continue living together. Those who are in this situation, simply to overcome their fears and find the courage to start life with a clean slate.

Often, the reason why the couple continue to live under the same roof, are common children. However, the suffering of the parents did not make the child happy, and the situation in such a family in general can have a very negative impact on the psyche of the kid or teen. The only solution in this situation is a divorce, but divorce is civilized, in which both spouses without controversy and scandals stipulate all its moments, trying to reach a compromise.

Sometimes the word "divorce" is pronounced aloud by one spouse as a desperate attempt to attract attention, call for help. In this situation, the person says one thing, and in his eyes you can read something else. That tone of resentment and is a signal to the fact that marriage needs help. Spouses can agree only when they can calmly discuss all contentious issues and realize that some things are much less important and valuable than it seems. After all, if love is still alive, then it can help to overcome any differences.

And the young couple, and a pair of veteran must realize that the relationship can not be perfectly smooth, and the surface roughness is not a sign of imperfection family life. To find common ground, even in the most difficult situation - the key to the longevity of marriage.

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