If the wife - Head

If the wife - Head
 In every one can not carry this man. A more detailed consideration of its second half it can open completely satisfied with his circumstances. Or show up any not he needed traits - levity, for example, or excessive flirtatious. But when her worried something far away on the choice of hair color, buy fashionable this season fur boots and other women's cute little things - a man and does not envy. For example, if a woman is not only a woman, but also the chief.
 What does this mean? Most likely, less free time and more responsibility. And work she is at work does not leave, it is always on her mind. And service habits, namely: do not make the request, and to order, take everything under total control, and in general to take a dominant position, even in personal relationships.

You can certainly argue that often occurs just overbearing female character, and there is nothing to do with leadership positions. But it is hardly a man, though proud of getting on his wife prefer from time to time to feel subordinate. Is it really only a clear and hopeless henpecked. Similar cases have repeatedly described in the literature, and how many consultations held on this subject, psychologists and psychoanalysts!

And if you imagine a situation where women and revenues clearly exceed the earnings of her husband? It is also quite powerful blow to the man's self-esteem. Discomfort felt by both sides, and not far is looming specter of family discord. And it would seem that there may be poor financially well off? But where is the man (not a gigolo as such), who says that these issues are absolutely do not care about it? Yes and unpleasant man any hints on its possible inconsistency, no matter what field they are treated.

However, do not give the same lovely ladies of all listed on leadership positions and to career success. Not so old problems, but the recipes of family happiness for families where the woman - the mistress, not only in the kitchen and the nursery are prefigured. Not all of these families are doomed to decay. But on the other hand, one can not say with absolute certainty that the woman decided to sacrifice career for family, always makes the right choice.

Not invented by us: male family head, his wife - neck. The wise wife will be able to not turn their family home to a branch office, ministries, businesses (underline or add). And be able to draw a clear line between his female nature and high fasting. And if a man will feel the encouragement and support, strong and necessary, can not be afraid for their family.

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