How to save the family from divorce

How to save the family from divorce
 Family problems happen all the time, but some cope with them, holding hands, while others are just drifting apart. On the verge of divorce, beloved by all means try to preserve cell of society. This is the right way, and actions in this case, there may be several.
 Each family sooner or later going through a crisis in relations. The sad fact is that according to statistics in Russia are bred to sixty percent of couples. But the problems do not always lead to divorce, they should be treated as another test of your feelings and fight for love to last.

If you feel some tension between you and your spouse (wife), try not to make interrogation. To do otherwise - be caring, tenderness and affection, arrange a romantic date. Do not sit next to her partner for days - in fact strengthens the sense of separation and gives rise bored each other. Engage in a hobby, go somewhere for a week. In the end, change yourself - buy article of clothing or an unexpected change her hairstyle. Get your mate to see you on the other hand, a break from everyday life.

In the event that you are already on the verge of divorce, do not make any sudden moves. Try to do everything possible to preserve the family, as you swore to each other eternal love and it was not just words. Think about the time you spent together, your children. Most problems can be solved and experience, and that is what you will be in the near future.

Talk with spouse openly. Without yelling and harsh words Express each their claims. Then discuss all stumbling blocks, try to find a way out of the situation, to reach mutual understanding in any way. Most likely, you'll have to go to a compromise, but they also help to get out of a difficult situation.

Give each other time to rest. When scandals get into the habit, and problem solving is still not visible, leave them for a while. Live a distance from the partner, spend time alone and think about the whole situation, while not inside, but outside it. Such a move will prevent you from many mistakes and impulsive actions.

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