How to overcome a family crisis

How to overcome a family crisis
 Family crises - the reality faced by spouses, passing step "growing up." After the crisis, and test the relationship becomes closer.
 Crises are most acute in the first year of marriage when the couple take off rose-colored glasses and start to adapt to one another. Suddenly discover that they have different approaches to education and life. On this basis, there are the first scandals.

Here it is necessary to understand that we must be tolerant to each other, to make concessions in the details. If the husband wants his shirt lay on the shelf on the right, and t-shirts - on the left, place them in that order. It is not necessary because this raise a storm.

The next crisis occurs with the emergence of the first-born. Here you jerked household chores, and her husband in the morning preens before a mirror. It annoys you, become jealous, angry, shouting that he took upon your shoulders. It is not necessary to aggravate the situation. Simply shift some worries on his shoulders. Suppose that after you done the work for food, and on weekends gives you a few hours to meet with friends. And once calm is restored.

The next crisis may occur within seven years after the wedding. All pall, sex seems to be monotonous and boring, I want thrills. Talk with her husband, imagination and let us know what you see as a new flare of passion.

15 years after the wedding, some husbands begin to look for fun on the side. Usually men approach their fortieth anniversary with caution. They understand that the young leaves, and try in every way to stop it. From here - spree with friends, increased attention to young girls, unexpected business trip.

Do not despair and scandals. You just have to wait out this period. Hold at this time for yourself, visit the shaping and massage rooms, hair and wardrobe update. After her husband pall on the side of forbidden love, he will see the house interesting and charming woman. If you can forgive his trips to the left, recover happiness and break out a new passion.

Some families celebrate their silver wedding noisy, while others are experiencing another crisis. Children grew up, went away: the apartment is empty and boring. You are sitting in their own room as strangers. Try to spend more time together. Try to go on a tour, find a common passion, begin to learn something new. This will connect you again.

Entered a period of crisis, it is necessary to understand that not one family has gone through the test. If you can decently get out of these situations ahead of you - a long and happy life.

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