How to avoid divorce

How to avoid divorce
 Wedding - one of the most important and romantic moments in everyone's life. But this is just a fairy tale ending is always a solemn vow to love, but a real married life this is just beginning, and it is not always like that, no matter what it wanted to see. It happens that the constant quarrels, misunderstandings, omissions, lies and lack of respect gradually destroy a marriage, and the couple suddenly begin to realize that they are on the road to divorce.
 Remember that in the world there are no people who would be absolutely and always happy in marriage. Each family has its own problems and its secrets. Married life - it is not a fairy tale, and to keep the relationship between husband and wife, constant work on yourself. All people are different, each has its own needs and their beliefs. But marriage - is a kind of compromise that should make your life happy.

Before a temper to bear to apply for a divorce, take it easy and have a good think about how important for you family life. Once again revise all its pros and cons. If the family - the only thing that makes you happy, you should not break off relations.

If the reason for the divorce becomes part of the argument, then again, analyze their causes. Perhaps you are too little attention is paid to each other, and your lack of understanding - it's just the inability to listen to? Remember that if you want a partner to treat you like a queen, you have to treat him like a king. One can not demand from the spouse of what you can not do. Learn to listen and understand him.

In order to avoid a divorce, you need to change their behavior. Even if you think that all your family problems guilty spouse, remember that there are and your share of the blame - you, too, a family member. Try to understand that manages your favorite, what he wants, the dream that he likes, and that at one point exasperated. If you want your husband was ideal for you, then you must become him an ideal wife. Pay attention to him, the interest of his life, to share his interests - so you can show him how much you love him. Over time, and your spouse will start to do more and more for you nice things.

Try to avoid quarrels and not to aggravate the situation. Quarrel - "killer" of family relations. If you see that your husband has a bad mood, and he seeks to kindle strife, to let off steam, ignore his behavior and after a few minutes or hours to cool down favorite.

Take care of your relationship, because love and family warmth - that's what keeps you in the worst moments of life.

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