Family crisis. How to return the love?

Family crisis. How to return the love?
 Family crisis - unfortunately, the phenomenon is not too rare. His reasons may be the gradual extinction of the senses, the unwillingness to make concessions partner, tiredness from household trifles. Even a very strong love can eventually weaken, especially if living together has become a routine. But to deal with a family crisis can only need to do this before it is too late.
 The simplest, but often effective tool that helps you survive a family crisis - a care and affection, desire to please a loved one. For example, if a woman feels that the relationship with her husband gradually deteriorate, it may from time to time to give him compliments, cook his favorite dishes, to present a small but nice gifts and imaginatively to behave in bed. These little things will remind both the love that they feed off each other, and make a joint life more enjoyable.

Try to remember the happiest moments that you have experienced together. Go to the cafe, where you once loved to dine, stroll through memorable for both places, do what you love to do so before together. Return to the past at a new stage of life together sometimes helps to forget about mutual resentment and remember how it was possible to make a loved one happy.

Since the cause of family crisis often becomes a routine, try to briefly get rid of it. Plan your buddy, save money and go to a luxurious romantic trip to Paris, Rome, Venice, and so on. Visit the place where you have not been together, find a quiet hotel with special rooms for couples. You can also travel around the world. Any of these options will help both of you to forget about the annoying way of life and how to relax.

Go do something new, it will be interesting to you and your partner. Fading feelings may flare up again if the two of you will realize that not well understood each other, that there are many cases that you are very interested in doing together. Open a small family business, try to do paintball, skydiving, etc.. Experiment and look for something that will help you regain the love and perhaps even strengthen it.

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