Code of family honor

Code of family honor
 For a family divorce - is death. It is impossible in a few paragraphs to express the wisdom of family life. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find love and start a family. Some people do it much faster. But the inability to compromise leads to a long and difficult separation. What you need to have the same features that have family was close-knit and strong? Of course, everything is very individual. After all, you and your husband grew up and were educated in a completely different families with very different backgrounds. And look at some of the things you may be quite different. But with some long you - one family and should take common decisions, to find compromises and outs of difficult situations.

Good relationships are very important in family life. This support and understanding, and the ability to yield. Family life - is, first of all, responsibility and daily work, where each contributes its share to the common cause. And if it happens that family conflict is brewing, so there is something to think about and to discuss, but in any case not to be silent and pretend that all is well.

So, in the event of a conflict in the family is not necessarily immediately run to the family psychologist or cry on the shoulder of a friend / friend. Much more correct to discuss the incident. It is necessary to speak aloud what specifically does not suit you in this situation and be able to hear the views of the other party.

Even better - to discuss all the basic rules and principles of your family before the wedding, and not necessarily to sign the marriage contract, just pay attention to the key points that are important to both of you. Create a "Code of family honor" - the set of principles and rules according to which from now on will live it your family. It may look like this:

1. I'm sorry that - who first offended.
2. If the fault - sorry.
3. Promise - Run.
4. Parents do not choose.
5. Mutual - an important condition for marital happiness.
6. Criticizing - offer.
7. Do not betray your soul mate.
8. Do not cry, do not grumble, to tolerate the faults of others.
9. You shall love the mother of his child (and vice versa).
10. assist other courtesies, even in small things.
11. Do not fret and do not raise your voice, always be prepared for discussion.

Perhaps everyone has something to add to the "Code of family honor." But regardless of the number of positions in your code (there may be a great many, it all depends on your imagination), the main thing - the desire to abide by the rules that you have written to go through life together.

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