Civil marriage: some married, some - so ...

Civil marriage: some married, some - so ...
 "We do not need documents confirming our great love! - Women think. - Should we trivialize such free and confidential relations? ". "Some are married, and some - like this ..." - this is, most likely, men's thoughts. Like, will live somehow. And it was the representative of the fair sex, so highly appreciating the feelings in a civil marriage, may eventually left not only with a broken heart, but with nothing. This is the "wrong", in fact, referred to simply as cohabitation and fraught with many dangers ...  

The legislation of the Russian Federation, the concept of "civil marriage" is not there. Although under some circumstances a long cohabitation may be taken as the actual legal marriage. However, this happens only in extreme cases, and in the protection of the rights of women are not, and children together. It is only in France or the United States men and women may enter into a contract of cohabitation, which, not being a marriage, defines in detail the property relations, the content variations of one spouse to another, and the rights of children who appear in this pair.

One of the main "traps" living together - the total living space. "Let's try to live together! - Says the man. - Let's buy an apartment ... ". Nothing serious, if the housing is made in two owners, each of which belongs to a particular share, and in documents written two buyers. However Delighted woman hardly thinks of "Housing Problem". But if the house is decorated in the "common-law spouse", then get their part of the room after parting will be difficult. The woman will have to prove in court that it has invested his own money in the purchase of housing and repairs. It should have checks and account statements, which are marked with a bank card operations.

And if a "civil husband" something happens? If he did die? After all, if it turns out that from a legal point of view, the deceased woman no one at all. The heirs of the first stage (for example, parents of men) may simply kick the woman out of the apartment - even if the woman she is registered there. "New owners" (heirs) have every right to demand removal from the registration and discharge.

Children born "cohabiting" have the same rights as children born in wedlock if their parents during the life of their officially recognized (ie, wrote a letter to the Civil Registry Office, stating that he is the father). In this case, the child will also become legal heirs of the first stage and, therefore, the owner of the apartment. However, the mother will not be able to take advantage of the property of children. Then it turns out that the child has inherited share, and his mother no right to live together with him! .. In this case, you have to go to court to mom got permission to use the apartment for any length of time - for example, to the majority of the child . In court, the term "calculate" individually - depending on the situation.

Often people living in "civil marriage", it is easy to part, not particularly trying to keep the family together for the sake of the child. They do not have to deal with divorce, broke - and all. And it may well be that a woman will be with the child. And if in the "Father" is blank, to obtain child support former "Civil wife" have to go to court with the requirement to establish paternity. Useful for everything, even the letters and testimony that during the child's conception man and woman living together!

By the way, if a man has pleaded his father, he may try to take the child to him. He will have to prove that my mother did not carry out his duties and does not have a normal earnings - and then the court will support him.

It turns out that in officially registered marriage to live yet relaxed ... At the "cohabitation" of women to protect their interests need to design a set of documents. Is it worth spending time and energy?

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