World War-in-law

World War-in-law
 Relationships with parents of her husband or his wife - the theme of the immense and sometimes very painful. Ironically, the closest relatives of your "half" can transform your home life a nightmare. However, they in most cases sincerely believe that would like better! And just as sincerely offended by the "ingratitude."

Many husbands in the hearts of their wives say that any woman happy for the simple reason that it can not be a mother in law! The woman almost certainly favors that her mother - a heavenly angel compared to svekrovushkoy. That's really who knows how to drink blood!

Indeed, the conflict "in-law - daughter" has its own specifics, due primarily belonging to one sex. A middle-aged mother in law, even if peaceful and fair by nature, can still feel an instinctive jealousy of a young daughter. And then there was his own son to wife became more important than the mother! And the money spent on it a bunch, because so many are buying her clothes, shoes, cosmetics different, hygiene, and as soon as the woman before without it treated. And the hostess bad - does not want to, you know, hang around for hours at the stove! And off we go.

How should we behave daughter-in-law to the conflict to erupt into full-scale "war"?
First, you can simply skip all its claims on deaf ears. Especially if the mother in law of those stubborn women, who are not affected by any reasonable objections and counter-arguments. That is, do not even try to listen to what she says, answering some standard, neutral phrases. So long been accustomed to behave daughter in those countries where parental authority husband was very significant. In Japan, for example, this method is called: "The alignment of internal barriers."

If in-law did not deaf to other people's arguments, try to politely but firmly defend its position. Refer to the authoritative opinion of the people on this or that issue, advise her to read the article or watch a TV show dedicated to the controversial topic.

Try to mentally sometimes take the place of her mother in law and look at ourselves. Sometimes in her criticism can be seen "sensible grain." Recognizing this, once you remove the dual benefit of using useful that can be useful in your family life, and soften the "criticism".

Sometimes it helps very strong and almost win-win progress. Alone (her husband in any case should not be present) tell her about this phrase: "I know you want what's best. But do not you see, that only makes matters worse is your son! After all, he is suffering from our quarrels! Became nervous, difficulty falling asleep ... "For every mother's child's health - the first case. In-law may, albeit "reluctantly" restrain his ardor.

Finally, a great deal depends on the husband. Try to persuade him to openly explain to his mother. At the same time refrain from harsh words and accusations against her. If the husband really loves his wife, then try to make between the two women closest to him, if not established a lasting peace, or at least a truce. In the end, he is vitally interested in this!

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