The struggle for leadership in the family

The struggle for leadership in the family
 Always traditionally considered male head of the family, who earned money for the family, and the woman kept house and raised the children. However, many of today's families struggle for leadership allowed quite simple: the head is the one who has a great life experience and tact.

Increasingly, co-administration of family carry the young couple, where no one tries to take the reins. Life becomes divided into different spheres of influence, in each of which, after a joint discussion last word belongs to only one of the spouses.

In such families, there is no dispute, who is head of the family, this by itself is solvable, because each of the spouses in something major. Often with early marriages, when a young husband still goes to school, some or all of the material content of the family takes over the girl. Man, is traditionally considered the breadwinner of the family, in this case simply deprived of this right. Of this there is an internal contradiction. After all, almost every woman wants to feel protected and to be sure that the man next to her, the ability to protect and preserve it.

Of course, to be the head - does not mean to be master. And the modern woman simply will not tolerate this rule. At the same time, not every woman will take her happiness to bear full responsibility for the financial situation and the welfare of the whole family, because in such a situation, it just loses its feminine nature.

In many families, in some situations leading role can be for a woman, for example in daily activities at home, in the organization of family holidays, others - for a man. Conflict can arise when a woman and a man in every way trying to consolidate its leadership in any business. In different situations leading role must be totally dependent on marital competence to decide the question. The desire of leadership positions may restrict the freedom of another, does not justify the expectations and thus causing disappointment in marriage, which sooner or later will lead to divorce.

As a rule, there is a system in families authorities, which consists of many things: the traditions and customs of the older generation (parent families), foundations, dictated by modern society (emancipation, prestige, success), their views on life, which can go as a foot, and in all the other sectional moments. Therefore, each of the members of the family need a lot of patience and understanding in order to keep the house mutual understanding and goodwill.

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