Men's logic in women

Men's logic in women
 Talk about women's logic used to explain all men do not understand the nuances of their female behavior. And women are often happy to dismiss the presence of these special women's logic, when you want to explain what they were guided in making any decision.

Men often say that women generally have no inclination to think logically. In fact, the logic - absolutely vnegendernoe property. The ability to think logically equally open to both men and women. They can simply operate different data. This is especially true sphere of personal relationships.

Men usually have an innate tendency to generalize, the ability to see an object or problem as a whole. Women are more inclined to pay attention to detail. Also, women are more inclined to trust the emotional sphere. Do not forget that the details can be much more characteristic than the whole.

A woman can sometimes after a conversation decide not to trust a possible business partner due to the fact that during the conversation he always looked away, scratching his nose and changed the tone and rhythm of the voice (the characteristics of a lie). At the same time a man can fully trust him, because his business plan was logical and impressive, and the figures are accurate.

Then, when life proves that women's lack of confidence was right, and trust a man miscalculated, say that she listened to my intuition. Well, what is intuition, not as instant and accurate analysis of the facts (ie logic)! Just these "facts" often do not take into account men. Talk about the fact that the alleged partner scratched his left ear and constantly asked to repeat the question, and on this basis it is better not to cooperate in men cause, most likely, a smile, and if proven would be suspicions, he either say that it is a coincidence, or again - intuition.

For those women are important indicators that men sometimes do not pay attention. Men also trust visual information the most, while women will be an important source of information, many other factors. Remember the famous Miss Marple. Whenever she spoke, that this case reminded her of vyprygnuvshy hours frog or maid Miss Brown, who had forgotten in the living room knives, laughed over it. And she has always been right, because analyze the details rather than the whole. And if the item is to say that someone is in dire need of money, it is believed the details rather than an expensive suit.

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