Male and female jealousy: A Comparative Analysis

Male and female jealousy: A Comparative Analysis
 Jealousy ... This pernicious, destructive feeling is familiar to almost everyone. Jealousy makes a lot of people unhappy, it destroys relationships, because of her family disintegrate. It is inherent in the equally strong and weaker sex, but at the same time, both male and female jealousy has its own characteristics.  
 Some mistakenly believe that the manifestation of this feeling by a partner is easy to avoid. "Do not give a reason - will not be jealous," - they argue. But how wrong these people. Very often jealousy has no baseless. According to the observations of psychologists, precisely because of unfounded jealousy, many couples are forced to resort to the help of professionals, as yourself cope with its consequences, they often can not afford.

Manifestations of causeless jealousy of her husband nice amuse vanity of some women ("Jealous - so loved!"), But there is absolutely nothing to rejoice, these concepts are not equivalent. Jealousy can quite happily exist at all without love - here come first possessive. This situation often occurs in families where the husband - hard in nature and is not able to forgive or extremely pedantic and most appreciates the correctness and regularity throughout. Women are less prone to this kind of jealousy - it is inherent, rather, to those who are not particularly attractive. Causeless jealousy of women provoked diffidence, doubt in his own ability to keep the man she loved.

Women are often jealous of men to their hobby: fishing, hunting, football. In contrast to this type of female jealousy in men has its own horse: they may be jealous of your favorite not only to her friends, but even to the idols, appearing on television or movie screens, which she had never seen "live". According to psychologists, this jealousy is understandable: "dominant male" bear the thought that some of the men may present for his girlfriend as much, if not more interest, like himself. For her, it does not matter that she never would see the object of his passion - women are more romantic than men, they are more likely to fall in love unrequited. Men are these "crazy" feeling absolutely incomprehensible, hence their bewilderment and irritation.

But such a common form of jealousy, jealousy of the past, to a greater extent inherent in the fairer sex. Man enough to know that his "half" with him here and now - the rest does not matter to him irrelevant. Women are by nature more sentimental, they tend to look back into the past, looking at old photographs to remember the people who were once dear to them. Suspecting the same tendency in your partner, they questioned a man about old love affair jealously looking at his old pictures, trying to find some clue to confirm that he was pleased to think of other women with whom he had once been close. Council of Psychologists: accept the situation as it is. In the end, a loved one with you now, which means that those long-standing relationship to him is a completely irrelevant.

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