Jealous wives dedicated ...

Jealous wives dedicated ...
 Many families are faced with the phenomenon of female jealousy. This character trait to some extent common to many wives and husbands often brings inconvenience. And sometimes manifestations of jealousy can lead to the breakdown of relationships.

The reasons are varied female jealousy. First of all, it is associated with inherent nature desire to fight for the attention of an attractive man in terms of relationships. Accordingly, being married to a successful and handsome males, women subconsciously afraid that dream about him and others. And maybe not only dream, but also strive to achieve it at any cost. Here proyavlyayutya and a variety of systems, and the uncertainty in the relationship with her husband, and the fear of being alone. All this inevitably leads to jealousy.

Even the men often this feeling warmed by his behavior. Very few are willing to ignore the past by an attractive girl in a miniskirt and not comment on her appearance. Many do not even hesitate to light flirt with women friends in the presence of his wife. In most cases, men do not attach any importance to it, but the woman's self-esteem such courtesies to other very, very hurt.

Often jealousy is heated loyal friend. They can report suspicious behavior of her husband, that saw him with some stranger. Here it is worth considering what the purpose of such sovetchitsa? Most often the basis for this behavior is commonplace envy of other people's happiness, especially when your build failed.

In any case, no matter what was the cause of jealousy, further developments usually comes in one of two scenarios that lead to the same result.

The first scenario happens if the wife is an emotional person. All the tension she feels while waiting for a suspect in her husband's infidelity, will splash out on him from the doorway. Then there will be weeping and hysterical and screaming. Can reach up to battering. And this situation is repeated day after day, at the slightest excuse. It is obvious that such behavior can not cool the relationship. How can someone like constant surveillance and suspicion?

The second scenario would be if the wife is modest and quiet. She did not raise her husband did, but at the same time, its behavior will change beyond recognition. For example, it may no longer care for her husband, suddenly become cold, callous, more irritable than usual. In this case, the man the reason for this behavior is usually not reported, and he will not be able to guess. As a result, this also leads to deterioration in family relations.

So what do you do if you were visited by jealousy? First of all, try to calm down and soberly assess the situation, to understand how fear objective, as is often the reason for jealousy are far-fetched. In any case, keep to myself, these emotions are not worth it, sooner or later they can get out, and then the problems will be inevitable. Just discuss your concerns with her husband, quietly and without complaints. Recognize that you are afraid of losing him. In such a situation it is unlikely to be offended, but rather react with understanding. You and laugh at your mistake, and the problem will be solved.

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