If the husband is carried away ...

If the husband is carried away ...
 For us women, naturally long spinning at the mirror and change before leaving a dozen dresses and constantly monitor themselves, trying new beauty products and salon treatments. But what if in recent years it began to try and your husband? How to deal with it and what to do?

In the event that lately your husband is behaving strangely, is constantly spinning in front of the mirror before going out searches through the entire wardrobe in search of a suitable outfit, and became too hard to look after themselves, you should think about. In general, such behavior for three reasons, depending on each of which the cost and improve the situation.

Reason One: "narcissism" in its purest form.

All of you probably remember the story of the Greek god Narcissus. So, if your man began to behave like this deity is only recently, Narcissus syndrome can be safely deleted. The fact is that narcissism is even a very young age, and you would probably have noticed this before the wedding. If you live together with her husband, narcissus, keep in mind that you are for it, just a fan that constantly admired its beauty. The fact that the daffodils love only themselves, this is the nature of their symptoms. Fight this, alas, is almost impossible.

Reason Two: orientation.

According to women, the cause of the behavior described above can be male in his predilection for same-sex love. In fact, some truth in this. Note, however, that men prefer women, usually more interested in clothing and accessories, and not his own reflection in the mirror. How is it treated? Unfortunately, as in any way, because nature will still take its toll.

Reason Three: children's complexes.

In fact, very critical study of his reflection in the mirror, frequent change of clothes and experimenting with makeup - this behavior is inherent in adolescents. In the same case, if your husband in his youth was not able to demonstrate this feature of his growing up, for whatever reason, perhaps, he makes up for it now. As for the reason, it is in this case, one - the uncertainty in itself. The method of "treatment" is also one - raising self-esteem by blatant flattery or veiled compliments.

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