How to stop loving her ex-husband

How to stop loving her ex-husband
 You must immediately break with the past, it does not matter whose fault ruptured. For some time you will associate my life with ex-husband, but constant work on yourself will help get rid of the memories and start a new life.
 Allow yourself to emote - Throw anger, rage, resentment, frustration, etc. Just do not point it out on someone in particular, even more so - to the former spouse, just allow yourself to "speak out" - let no one sees you in these moments. You can beat the dishes, scream, tear joint pictures, long and vigorously crying into my pillow and in every way to show what you feel. This method will certainly bear fruit - you will free yourself from the burden of trouble, clear your mind and be able to take in what happens calmly and intelligently.

The next step - let go of the idea of ​​the former husband. It is best to do something - draw, write, sew, work hard, start a new project, load your brain. You simply will not be any time or energy on something to think about what change you are no longer able. Distracted by any means.

No matter how you try, the memories will still torment you. Only one solution - to replace them in your mind other events. Once you feel a thought back to the past, or remember anything from his past life with her ex-husband, then immediately switch to other memories - past romances, friendships, parties, trips, curious cases, etc. At first it will be difficult, but if you control your thoughts, you quickly get used to it.

Change the center of concentration. If before all your actions were limited to the views of the man she loved, but now you are your own mistress. Engage in what you've always wanted, what is not always enough time. This may be a new hobby, a long-awaited trip, a trip to visit, etc. Any plan will suit - from the short-term goals (record for oriental dance or gym) to the most incredible plans (moving to another country).

When you cool down a bit distracted and allow yourself to think about why it happened. You can quietly, soberly and without emotion to understand the situation, to draw conclusions and identify their mistakes. Begins to change, starting from their mistakes, and do everything to ensure that your future relationships with men were not a continuation and a mirror image of the previous ones.

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