How to live life with one person

How to live life with one person
 Statistics show that nearly two-thirds of marriages break up in the first five years. This suggests that young couples do not realize the responsibility that involves family life, and morally not ready for it. But talking about the withering away of the institution of marriage is premature, because those unions which are for the second time, much less break.
 You need to be clear about what life together - it's not just the champagne and roses. Much more often you will face everyday, everyday challenges that you will need to overcome it together, not shifting responsibility to the partner and withdrew. The family is not the case that "the trouble to work" only one of the spouses. The second will also have to share their advice or participation and support.

Be prepared to see in front of an ordinary man with all its shortcomings, will take place when the period of hot love and you will fall with rose-colored glasses. It is a mistake to think that it is necessary to re-adapt and for themselves. Take your other half for what it is and try to change their attitude and yourself, do not waste time and nerves for educational talks and family scandals.

Learn to listen and hear each other. If you do not satisfied with something, try to explain to your partner what and why you are annoyed or offended. If both of you are ready for dialogue and love one another, gradually causing the rejection of all these little things will be eliminated from your relationship.

Leave each other's personal space, which is necessary for each person. If possible, it is in your home should be a space where the husband or wife may periodically be alone. If this is not possible, then at least do not meddle with intrusive questions if they clearly do not want and avoid. When you see that your partner is concerned about something, just tell him that you love him no matter what and will always be with him. This is enough, if he needs support.

Try to keep your home was a place where you both warm and cozy. In this house you will seek to return and each of you will have a constant desire to make it even better, equip it and strengthen the walls behind which together can survive any worldly storm.

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