How to build family relationships

How to build family relationships
 In many families, there are quarrels, resentment and misunderstanding. Everyday lives, fatigue, monotony and Life provoke general irritation and dissatisfaction with their second half. How can establish family relationships and overcome a difficult period?
 Do not short, talk with her husband. Discuss everything: the good and the bad, important life moments and domestic issues. Do not hoard discontent within honestly tell her husband that you are concerned and offended. But be prepared for a response to criticism from the spouse. The main thing is to converse quietly and sincerely, because it is during these confidential conversations wife and come to a compromise.

Avoid total control, everyone should have a private space. If it does not, then at least respect the interests and preferences of each other, small and harmless secrets are welcome.

Do not focus only on family life and the interests of the spouse. Constantly evolving and cultivators, smart and versatile people are interesting and attractive. Communicate with different people, from time to time meet up with friends and family. Let each of you will have your little pleasures that are so pleased to share at the family dinner.

Often spend time together. Arrange each other surprises and romantic dinners. Highlight a day just for the two of you: organize a picnic or a trip to another city, or go to the theater for the premiere. If you have children, then enter the family tradition of joint dinners or trips every Sunday in the park or on the rink - it brings spouses and strengthen the family.

Observe all the achievements of the spouse and be generous with praise. Thereby you stimulate it to new achievements and victories.

Important role in the marital relationship plays sex. Try to establish an intimate life and inject a touch of diversity. Ask the wife of his erotic fantasies and implement at least one of them in life.

All in your hands and with a sincere desire to keep the family can be. In case of serious problems, seek help from a family psychologist.

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