How to be happy in marriage

How to be happy in marriage
 Happiness in marriage - not a myth. It does not come by itself, it does take work on them, but if you want to wake up with a smile on your lips, do not be lazy. Your spouse will undoubtedly also wants to be happy, so be careful to do together.
 For passion of lovers and their affection is responsible hormone dopamine, which is produced when they touch each other. But the trouble is that seven out of ten pairs of its amount decreases with time or disappear completely. Three happy couples out of ten - it is quite good statistics. You and your husband can be one of them if you like and recognize the unique identity of a coherent partner to find a special charm to his shortcomings and not turn a blind eye on their own.

Do not assume a movie about a happy family life - your life you need to build yourself. The desire to live like a movie or other couples is very dangerous - you and your spouse other people. Do not say the phrase: "Kolya Lena bought a fur coat, and I'm with you for the fifth year wears down jacket! "" And Denis has built himself a house, and you drive a nail I can not! "And other masterpieces from the same series. It's definitely not bring you happiness in marriage, and could hurt. Each pair has its own path and their joy, you also get your spouse qualities that will cause envy of friends.

Another obstacle to happiness - this is certainly a desire to take on the burden of her husband's guilt. In family life there are serious troubles and problems. However, many wives instead of together to overcome this and to rectify the situation, start blaming your soul mate all the troubles. It is not constructive, but to rally together and win - right! When you feel warm strong arm wife, who is always there, it means that you have achieved a lot.

Spend more time together, remember that the hormone is produced in contact lovers of your hands, lips and everything. Find a hobby that will entice both. Listen carefully to the stories about the work of her husband, fishing, football, car and other "piece of iron" - understanding and attention to the person an important component of a happy marriage. But you can, in turn, to tell his wife about the sales in a supermarket and a new range of cosmetics!

Create a respectful and trusting relationship, do not forget the romance of your first meetings, scroll albums with your photos, be together in any situation. Your family life will turn into a beautiful film about a happy marriage of two infinitely people loving each other!

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