How do you know that it's time to gather 10 obvious signs

How do you know that it's time to gather 10 obvious signs
 Living together is not just a coffee in bed, it is also a duty, joys and difficulties that must be divided in half. We must prepare for the fact that life in pink have to leave and return to reality, clearly understand that your ship goes to great diving, called family life. You must have a solid team, a single entity.

1.Vlyublennye often spend time in noisy companies, restaurants, cinemas. But have you ever thought about what you talk and what to do in private? If so - is worth considering cohabitation.

2. You are well aware of the shortcomings of its second half, with perfectly coexist with your partner. Great if you want to live together - you need to understand the person and take it as it is.

3. Think about whether a loved one is willing to put their case, if you really need help? If your partner has never deny you these questions, then you can be sure you are very dear to him.

4. Are you ready to give up part of communicating with friends, because when the joint life of this may not be enough time.

5. You've already discussed the issue of domestic responsibilities and had to figure out what is the position of a loved one. However, it you are completely satisfied.

6. You already know all interests and hobbies lover. Also you are well acquainted with most of its financial costs and agree with them. Hence, the financial differences you are not afraid.

7. You have already discussed, where you will live. And if your apartment you yet, you are ready to live under one roof not only with a loved one, but also with his / her parents.

8. Do you feel sad at the thought of separation, you are trying to spend more time together. If so - start collecting things.

9. Do you feel that your relationship is outdated, they need access to a new level.

10. You have not irritate many bottles in the bathroom, you used to wait patiently for their turn in the bathroom, and the appearance of the face without makeup favorite does not scare you.

That your life together has developed, it is important on both sides to approach this decision responsibly. Do not chase material things - such an approach in advance doomed marriage, even a civilian, to fail.

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