Guest marriage as a means of getting rid of routine

Guest marriage as a means of getting rid of routine
 Attitude to the guest of marriage in modern society is ambiguous - it recognize open and viable alternative to the usual marital union, but they believe the lack of mutual responsibility unproductive. Nevertheless guest marriage exists and has many supporters.
 The essence of the guest of marriage - in the absence of cohabitation. The couple live in different houses, cities and countries, periodically coming to each other's homes, spending a vacation together. Marriage formalized and guest marriage does not involve an open relationship (ie, the presence of links on the side), but there is no overall budget, there is no need to keep house together.

Guest marriage is convenient for people who have a lot of time on his career, as well as those who value independence and freedom. Woman eliminating the need to perform daily chores, so living conditions do not affect the quality of married life. Opportunity to engage in personal affairs, self-realization and still be happy in marriage sometimes valued above all else. Classical cause of many divorces - routine and life that turned family life in the existence of two angry and tired of each other people. The guest marriage does not happen - no routine, no boredom, there is only the joy of meeting after the separation and constant novelty of sensations.

Women do not have to worry about how it looks at home because her husband can not take her by surprise - to him it is always flawless. The man does not irritate your wife everyday habits and always for her sexually attractive partner.

Of the drawbacks of the guest of marriage are the lack of mutual support - a loved one is not close in the event of an unforeseen crisis (illness, problems at work, etc.). Children born in such families are often raised by one parent, the second wash its hands and is limited only by the material support.

Popularity guest of marriage is caused by the realities of modern life: people prefer to spend their time on the implementation of their own ambitions, and not on a daily building relations with a partner. Guest marriage - a great way to revive the lost freshness relationship, he is able to make a variety of normal family life, burdened by everyday concerns and problems. For many couples, this may be the only chance to save family.

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