Family conflict in front of her mother in law

Family conflict in front of her mother in law
 Wedding has died down, and came drab. After the wedding you have a lot of new relatives. For example, the mother in law. It can be kind and caring, helping young wife in everything: in the kitchen with the kids. Or maybe the other way around: it will criticize what you do, and advise his son to find another husband. How to understand the role played by the mother in law in family relationships? Whether or not to initiate a "second mother" to her husband in your personal life and tell her about family quarrels?  

Mother in law - always a powerful argument in conflicts with her husband. If you manage to win its support, consider yourself very lucky. This will always be a relative decline of the young wife to the fact that he made peace with you and decided the dispute in your favor. There were cases when the mother in law could persuade her husband to give up his mistress and return to his wife. But still its intervention in the lives of the young should be moderate. There are infantile men who have obeyed his strong, the nature, the mother, but do not like it. If you always ask for help a mother in law, then eventually the husband starts to treat you the same way: would be afraid of, but not love. Such family situations often lead to the fact that the husband escapes from its two power "moms". Think once more before telling her mother in law of the quarrel with her husband or allow yourself to argue with her husband at her. Surely, after he listened to complaints from you, listen to arguments and even his domineering mother he does not want.

There is another option. You do not like my mother in law. This is a heavy and very common case. Then mom wife for you is very dangerous: it will always whisper to your husband about what you are sloppy, lazy and ugly. In this case, the originator of any conflict will always be you. In addition, the "caring mother" can easily inflate trivial dispute in a scandal. Therefore, if you have the stupidity to share with her unpleasant details of your family life or quarrel with her husband at her eyes, get ready for the fact that not only will it take offense at you longer than usual, but also his mother to announce to you my implacable boycott. Rather it is also possible that the rumors about the quarrel she will share with other relatives, describing the situation as if it were you provoked the conflict.

Thus, no matter how you belonged to the mother in law, problems and disputes with her husband is better to resolve alone. Do not tell her about them, "metite linen in public" dirty, and you will be able to avoid a lot of trouble.

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