The problem of mixed marriages

The problem of mixed marriages
 Intermarriage in the age of globalization have become commonplace. However, the problems that arise from the partners in such a union, have not gone away. Questions of faith, ethnic identity, sooner or later create a crisis that can destroy a mixed marriage. And then the former spouses have to face legal challenges that permanently poison the lives of them and their children.  

Mixed marriage - it is not only (and not so much) Union citizens of different states, as union representatives of different religious denominations or even races.

If at least one of the partners is indifferent to matters of faith, such a marriage can be durable. But it will be a test for selection lines parenting: be it religious or atheists intermingled. Way out of this crisis can be positive (for example, one of the spouses adopted the other side), if this marriage does not "play" other negative factors.

Ethnic identity. As a rule, over the years, is human nature to think about their roots "feel part of the whole people. But this crisis spouses, respecting each other, can be overcome, especially if they instill in children a love for both nations, which are owned by the parents. Then the normal assimilation rights in the country, where he lives in a marriage, will not prevent his spiritual integrity. But often "host" side is trying to impose rigidity and wife complete rejection of the past. Here the conflict is inevitable, and the marriage is likely to cease to exist.

Bad service can do a spouse and the effect of inflated expectations. For example, an American married to a Russian, expecting that it is the exact opposite of the American "emansipe" .Ponachalu the way it is, but very quickly the lady begins to copy the style of behavior of American women, and her husband perceives bitter disappointment. A spouse, in turn, is not ready to accept the fact that her husband saves too, denying her the satisfaction of elementary needs of women. In addition, the couple begins to annoy a huge difference in the outlook, life habits. Many families can not withstand this test and break.

If children were born in marriage, then divorce is very tragic. With whom remain children? This question may be determined by the law of the country where there are spouses, children or fate decided by a court, or the issue stipulated in the marriage contract. Unfortunately, more often it happens that the couple did not have equal rights with respect to children: all the "trump cards" are the one who is in his country. And this is probably the main problem of mixed marriages, which is always worth bearing in mind in deciding on marriage to a foreigner.

Is it possible to find happiness in a mixed marriage? Of course you can. It is only necessary to approach the creation of families without high expectations, with the understanding of life values ​​of the elect or chosen one and, of course, consult with a lawyer about what are your rights in case of divorce. And it is better to understand for yourself what you are willing to sacrifice in order to live with this man happily ever after ...

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