Critical periods in the development of family

Critical periods in the development of family
 The main importance in family relationships play a marital conflict. They mainly occur due to the unmet needs of partners, in connection with what has been defined classification of the causes of marital conflict, as well as the major factors influencing the creation of conflict in family relationships.

The classification of the causes that provoke the emergence of family conflicts, as follows: psychosexual mismatch partners; lack of opportunities for self-expression, lack of respect from the partner; lack of positive emotions: attention, love, tenderness.

The causes of conflict and the tendency is one of the spouses to excessive satisfaction of their needs (alcohol, drugs, financial expenses for himself).

One of the reasons is the lack of satisfaction of the need for mutual support and understanding about the conduct of domestic economy, education of children, respect for parents. And immediately the differences with respect to leisure activities, hobbies partners.

There are the following stages of the crisis of family life: the first year of the family residence marked by contradictions of getting used to living together. In place of love comes the reality. A well-known factor is that in the first year of family accommodation divorce rate is significant - about 30% of marriages.

The next stage of the crisis is related to the birth of children. Weak "We" is tested for durability. The main conflicts periods: reduction of the likelihood of career growth; possible qualification promotion partners. Actual cause is high and fatigue spouses associated with caring for a newborn, which is a prerequisite for low sex drive. The high level of clash of opinions of family members and their parents on how to raise children.

The third stage - the average marital age, which is characterized by everyday monotony. During repetitive perceptions of his wife with her husband happens molestation from each other. This is due to the lack of new feelings and sensations.

The fourth stage occurs after 18-24 years of cohabitation. His appearance is often accompanied by a feeling of loneliness due to the departure of the children, as well as increasing emotional attachment wife and her excitement about sexual preferences husband to obtain satisfaction on the side of "it is too late."

Negative impact on the occurrence of family conflicts have: a difficult financial situation, strong employment of spouses, lack of employment prospects, the lack of own premises, the possibility of placement of children in kindergartens and others.

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