"You're the one to blame! »

 "You're the one to blame! "- This phrase in his address can be heard not only by the people, the mood is not too friendly, but also from friends, relatives and loved ones. Sometimes hear such a shame, sometimes we realize that others are right, but ... it still hurt! Indeed, in response to their complaints would like to hear words of support and sympathy. Before you take offense at others for what they have expressed their views, let's see: and what we still hope, talking about the problem, what reaction have been waiting? There may be several options.

If we just wanted to talk to - no matter who, just to absolve themselves of psychological burden, then ... what's the difference, we answer? We have already received their. A little selfish, but because we have become easier? From this someone is hurt? No? Then attach importance to the allegations against him should not be, "Yes, my love (my mother, girlfriend), I am guilty, but I will share with you, and I am now pretty darn good! "After all, to keep everything in not only difficult, but also harmful to health. Nerve cells to regenerate very slowly, over-voltage can cause nausea and headaches - and not far from a hospital.

If we had to get the approval of others and to win over allies, then listen to what they say people close to, still stands. If they believe us wrong, then there is reason to wonder why. It is necessary to re-examine the situation, identify the disputed issues and to consider those issues in which we were really wrong. In this case, an insult to the truth would look childish. And if we shared a problem with a man, the more (in most cases) do not expect sympathetic outpourings. Men, they are - direct and specific. They immediately determine who is right and who is wrong, but it is not necessary for this gang up on them with his fists. It is better to hear the rest of what they will say next - men often offer excellent solutions of various problems.

In that case, if we, as usual, came to a close with his next challenge is not to resolve it, but only to energy "nourished" words of comfort, to attract attention and generally talk about how everything in the world is unfair, it's time sound the alarm. We are psychologically mature person too often these desires should not occur. Let's be a little more critical in relation to itself. Women, of course - the weaker sex, but that does not mean that we should be helpless, sensitive and illogical absurdity. To life situations is necessary to react adequately, taking into account not only the desire but also the opinions of others. The ability to admit mistakes - a sign of the strength of spirit and wisdom.

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