War for territory with the men's socks and other vermin

War for territory with the men's socks and other vermin
 Women, which by its very nature is supposed to be economic and flavorful, it is difficult to understand a very strange attitude of boys to the place of dislocation some perdmetov the men's room, namely socks, melting and neckties. Eternal spreading around the house these items muzhkoy wardrobe makes women a wide variety of emotions - from irritation to emotion.  

Women do not always put out socks, and even socks with holes. Many ladies are confident that in this way their faithful left just will not go. And if and underwear beloved fully corresponds to the socks, you can be sure one hundred percent - your spouse just anyone, but you do not need.

Men's attachment to these sacred things can be expressed in various forms. Some men would not agree to throw their own socks, even if they would like a sieve. Exit - to buy his beloved new pairs of socks and old quietly dropped. Povozmuschalis little man, and then settle down and be happy to be wearing and make a hole in the new copies. But there are other representatives of half that will not wear socks, even if they appear small attrition.

The most difficult question - the location of socks, shorts and other men of evil. It is worth saying that many men are not very worried about this. Floor, sofa or surface tables for them will go well. Even the vaunted men's logic does not allow them to be born in the bright idea that these dirty and sometimes very "fragrant" troublemakers must migrate in the laundry basket or washing machine.

Teach a man to put socks in the right place is very difficult. You can regularly tell her husband that his clothes in the closet in a specially designed box and each time to show what it is. However, not the fact that this effort will succeed, and again you will not find a "gift" under its own sofa.

Only one way out - to eliminate the threat yourself as annoying remarks about men, most likely, will not find a response. These conflicts must be resolved most peacefully, and then the area apartments will be always clean and your relationship will not be spoiled by this small but very nasty problem. Scandal and war are not allowed!

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