Transfer Features from male to female

Transfer Features from male to female
 Sometimes it seems that men and women - are beings from different planets, which is so hard to learn to understand each other's language. To blame biology, namely differences in the structure of language centers. However, these feelings are no barriers, and, if desired, of course you will be able to understand each other.
 Women often tend to speak hints, looking for workarounds that are incredibly angry men. However, there are situations where young people prefer to play up and do not give a straight answer.

Common woman question "Say, I'm not fat? "Baffled many men. Firstly, most of the male population has an amazing ability to ignore the changes. Young people can not see the new curtains in the kitchen or the couch in the room as long as not stumble on it, to say nothing of the extra pounds. Second, even if the man noticed the pounds, he will not tell about it, because after his confession surely follow tears and reproaches ladies. So the answer is "no" every woman can be treated as she pleases.

Compliment your outfit in most cases, says that a man takes pleasure in looking at your breasts in the chest or feet in the new stretch pants. Of course, there are guys that can evaluate the quality of fabrics, exquisite tailoring and how blue emphasizes the depth of your eyes, but such individuals are rare.

The phrase "I'm all right," when all in the guise of a young man says to the contrary, means that he considers himself a true warrior. This unit would not be recognized in the fact that he got nasty in the store, and it upset him, even if he will be tortured. This is evidenced by the refusal to clarify the way in a strange city - a real man can handle any trouble on their own.

But "I'm not worthy" does not mean that you are so amazing woman that a man feels uncomfortable next and will be developed in order to overcome the differences in cultural levels. You do not like him, and he did not come up with anything better than to break up with you in this way.

In general, men have in mind exactly what they say. Excluding phrases relating to the complex relationships between the sexes, says young people can be trusted.

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