The ideal spouse, what is it?

The ideal spouse, what is it?
 Ideal people do not happen. It is known to all, however, the pursuit of the ideal - a sacred duty of every self-respecting man. Similarly, in family relations. Although the concept of "ideal wife" is very abstract and every man his own, however, there are some common features in the images that paint for themselves representatives of a strong half of mankind.

Naturally, every man wants to see next to a beautiful woman. This does not mean that it should have the model looks or some specific features. Beauty is expressed in the ability to present yourself, to emphasize individuality, to care for themselves. A big mistake many women - unwillingness to be a beautiful home. How often a man loses interest in his wife, when every day sees her in a robe and with a strange structure of the hair. The husband should admire not only his wife at a party or on the street. Of course, this does not mean that you need to wear evening dresses at home, but there is a pretty and feminine homewear than a bathrobe.

What a good housewife can not cook? Ability and love of cooking given by nature, not all. But the ability to at least occasionally indulge beloved husband unusual dishes - a sacred duty of women. Even if fate would have it that the wife is constantly burnt scrambled eggs, pasta stick together and escapes milk, the desire to learn and improve their skills should not fade. In the end, everyone can learn how to cook - it would wish.

And, of course, the ideal wife should be loving and understanding. It must be able in time to help her husband by the Board or, conversely, to give him some time alone when necessary. Minor flaws men in everyday terms should not become the reason for the explanation of the relationship and stupid scandals.

Another important quality of the ideal wife - the mind, and for this purpose it is not necessary to have three honors. Even if a woman does not work and is a housewife, it should not stop the development. The wife should take an interest in the affairs of her husband, to be able to support a variety of topics to talk about, because the spouse should be interesting for a man not only as a woman and hostess, but also as a person.

It is also important and the relationship with his wife's relatives. No matter how complex the character they had no need to show respect and tolerance, be tactful. Everyone is different, so nobody has the right to judge others by their standards.

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