Girl Games: flirting with her own husband

Girl Games: flirting with her own husband
 Ardent passion with feyervekom emotions, gentle recognition. It seems that everything is in the past. Less time you spend with your spouse, moving further away from each other. But in your power to change this situation, revive the relationship, fall in love with her husband again.
 Start with your appearance. Perhaps, is to change the hairstyle, make it more attractive, feminine. Be aware of the effect of surprise. If instead of a modest husband sees a bright blonde brunette with a pretty bold makeup, delight with his side will you be guaranteed.

Change the home dressing room. Down with the usual robe and slippers! Wear tight-fitting pants or nice translucent long skirt - choose what you like and fits the figure. Elegant shoes with thin heels will add spice to your new image, romance. And, of course, do not forget about the seductive lingerie.

Now you can think about flirting. When and how to flirt with the pious - you decide. But do not shoot him eyes and whisper in your ear pretty obscene if it has just come home from work, tired and hungry. But when fed and rested her husband reach for the TV remote, your turn will come.

Sit down to a favorite on his knees, caressed, and then execute an erotic dance with a striptease. Engage in this exciting presentation and wife, continue sex games in bed. Surprise new postures, words, kisses in the most secluded corners. Let all things be natural. Try to relax and get a real pleasure.

Often changing environment. Go to visit, visit restaurants, drive on picnics. If a lot of people around you, seducing her husband will be very effective. Secret touch that both excite and confuse wife, passionate words, bold sexual advances - will work to revitalize relations.

Mystery, mystery - one more weapon in the restoration of old feelings. Always be for the faithful little undisclosed, unsaid, it intrigues the unexpected (but do not overdo it, everything should be within reason).
You can write him a passionate letter to invite to a meeting in an unusual place. Experiment, do not be afraid to implement the boldest desires, fantasies. And love will break out again.

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