Feelings of guilt for the love of a married

Feelings of guilt for the love of a married
 An affair with a married man, by definition, can not consist only of positive emotions. The stronger your feelings for him, the more unpleasant thoughts can visit you in parallel. Even if you have no relationship with this person, but only unrequited love, guilt is almost inevitable.
 Love for a married man can be assessed in different ways. Many consider it immoral and despise women who become lovers. Other concern with understanding and regard this situation as an attempt to construct a normal personal life. However, the most important experiences and complexes are within you, and one of the most serious of them - a sense of guilt.

The situation in the family of your chosen one married you are unlikely to be able to assess adequately. A man can tell you that is not experiencing feelings for his wife, and still lives with her from any other opinion. In fact situation can be completely reversed. But regardless of the circumstances, you will feel "razluchnitsa" that infringes on someone else's happiness.

Often there are situations when a married man is not going to divorce and perceives a relationship with you as a fun way to get bright emotions. You have formed a special set of signs and rules that you follow, not to create problems favorite. In this case, the guilt can be blunt, but he will have to change even more serious psychological problems. Among them - the anger, envy other people's happiness, inner loneliness.

Guilt can manifest itself in a very unexpected way. You may feel the most positive emotions in your lover's wife. Admiration, selection of gifts for her desire to become better acquainted and make nice: it all - your subconscious attempts to make amends to a woman whose life may you destroy. These feelings will be exacerbated if a man feels to you mutual feelings, gives gifts, spends a lot of time with you.

Whatever the nature of your guilt for the love of a married, try to make the right decision. Remember that the relationship should bring joy, happiness, a sense of comfort and confidence in the future. In your case, you are deprived of it. That's for you to decide whether you want to delete from the life of a married man and start a new life.

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