Why does not he want to marry?

Why does not he want to marry?
 Times when the ring on the ring finger was an accomplishment of the fair sex, are long gone. But sooner or later there comes a time when even the most inveterate careerists and feminists are thinking about starting a family and the birth of a child. But this is not always the desire is mutual - some men are afraid to hike to the registrar, as the Fire. Why do not they want to get married?
 Fear of responsibility

The prospect of becoming the head of the family can scare favorite. After all, at the moment when he would wear on your wedding ring finger, the responsibility for the new unit of society will be on his shoulders. If a man - a perfectionist and believes that to create a strong family need to get a "gentleman's kit" consisting of apartments, cars, cottages, etc., you should not insist on the forthcoming marriage. Otherwise, you just lost a loved one - a lack of understanding and respect will not benefit your relationship.

Fear of losing freedom

It is possible that you live together for several years, jointly owned property and educate children together, but the partner did not dare to tell the coveted "Let's get married! ». Blame stereotypes and fears that his life is suddenly changed for the worse. While relationships are not legalized, such a man feels completely free man, theoretically capable at any time to change your life. At the same time it can be a great family man and a great father. Think about whether or not to force the favorite to marriage, if you and so all is well? In any case, try to prove (and show) him that after the wedding, nothing will change. Positive examples of pairs of friends are welcome. Just do not push too, better tell us how important to you the status of a married lady and her husband chosen to name legally. After a frank discussion this topic better for a while does not affect. 

Fear of failure again

If a man was already married, and married a poor, the lack of desire again defile the registrar's office under Waltz Mendelssohn is understandable. Especially if the divorce was initiated ex-wife. Once burned, the partner does not want to repeat the mistakes of the past and again to face weathered difficulties. Another reason that a man is afraid to remarry - a sense of shame in front of a child born to his first wife. Convince a loved one, that all his fears were groundless, only kindness, tenderness and understanding. However, remember that zeal to the children and ex-wife - a frequent phenomenon. Hesitating for a serious relationship, be prepared for the fact that her husband will communicate with the first family.