When married unbearable ...

When married unbearable ...
 Most women are very eager to get married. Not interesting work, not love, not a good person around, but only married. If the lady is such a maniacal desire, it is written in large letters on the forehead. But men, alas, the parties to such girls and women. What do you do if married unbearable?

Beautiful, intelligent, beloved husband always welcomed, but not selected. Those women who see in every man a candidate for a husband, get married is not so simple. Do not need to see the greatest pleasure in life only in connection with a man. Is a woman can not make yourself happy herself?

Men - hunters by nature. They want exactly the woman who will be available to them. For them, is an important manifestation of the initiatives they want to achieve, to conquer the lady of the heart.

First you need to understand yourself - you want to get married because it is accepted, or want to tie someone to yourself stronger? Perhaps this obsession - from childhood?

The process will be faster if the main purpose of your marriage will not. It is better if a man would not think that he - the light in your window. Only then it can wake up the instinct of the owner. If a man long behaves hesitantly, then try to turn its attention to the other guys. He immediately noticed a change in attitude and he will treat his beloved differently. And if his behavior does not change, it is likely that he did not intend to marry at all.

If you feel full and not being in a loving relationship with someone, you may be thinking that your time has not come yet? Stop for a while to think about men and marriage. Engage in interesting things. Relax, think only about their own interests, love yourself more, concentrate on your feelings.

If a loved one is already there, but the proposal still does not arrive, try to keep your inner world more interesting for himself and his chosen one. Learn to live with it - together create, develop together, learn to see the world through his eyes, show him your outlook on life. There should be no routine, every day should be held in different ways. It's a big job, but it will turn on and great results.

The desire to be a married woman of course, the main thing - do not get hung up on it. Be happy, and then necessarily all wishes come true!

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