What is the betrothal

What is the betrothal
 Wedding Rings - ageless symbol of fidelity and love. The newlyweds exchanged between them, reaffirming their love for each other. Betrothal - a very beautiful ancient custom, the previous long-awaited wedding. After him, the young can rightfully be called the bride and groom.

Until the eighteenth century in Russia for a month, and sometimes even a year before the wedding was done betrothal, which served as a kind of obligation to the parties that in the future will be the marriage. However, if it turned out that the groom or the bride already promised myself to someone else, the betrothal would be terminated. In the event of termination of the agreement of marriage without a valid reason the party has violated the obligation was to pay compensation. In pre-Petrine era in Russia rite of betrothal occurred in the church for a few months before the wedding and was followed by the signing of the treaty governing the financial liabilities. But after a thousand seven hundred and second year of the betrothal has ceased to have religious and property value, and then was merged into one rite to the wedding.

Catholic and Protestant church still view as a betrothal engagement, in which the bride and groom exchange rings and announce the expected date of the wedding.

Nowadays, the betrothal in the Orthodox Church of Russia - is a rite that takes place together with the wedding. Happens all either in the vestibule (just behind the entrance to the temple), or at the door, if the church is small. Young stand apart: the bride on the left side and the groom on the right, this time from the altar of the Cross and the Gospel imposed. Approached the priest joins his hands and puts young betrothed to the center. In this case, the bride and groom are large lighted candles, which are a symbol of the warmth of their love for God and each other. That is why the candles should be lit during the entire rite of passage in the sacrament of marriage. In this case, if the bride and groom not the first time to marry, they are not given a candle.

Saying prayers, Father puts the bride and groom ring hoop them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. When the priest pronounces a blessing, young three more times must exchange rings. Wedding rings - a symbol of eternal and continuous union of two loving people, and sharing is intended to prove the voluntary union. In addition, each of the spouses takes on certain obligations, and part of the right to assign its second half. Betrothal should end with prayer in which the priest asks to send a young guardian angel in order for it to be close to them in their life together. This ritual helps the couple to feel fully responsible for the choices they made.

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