Weddings will not ... Three reasons of failure of the main events in your life

Weddings will not ... Three reasons of failure of the main events in your life
 Causes disruption of the wedding celebration is a great variety. Basically due to the presence not only of objective reasons as their subjective evaluation on the part of one of the intending spouses. Without going into the details of a person's psychological partners focus on themselves the most common cause of cancellation of a wedding celebration.

Reason 1. He (she) I changed (a).
The most common cause of failure is a betrayal of the wedding the groom or bride. Not many are willing to put up with the fact that his partner infidelity, especially when it occurs on the eve of the wedding. The main causes of non-marriage advocates argument - has changed now, and then change.
Cause 2. "I do not like."
In today's world most of the intending spouses before marriage living together, are a common way of life and have an intimate relationship. Sometimes pre-wedding period is extended for years. Naturally, people are more or less already know each other habits, get used to the partner, and gradually bygone romantic love loses its original flavor. Love turns into a routine. When a couple decides to legalize their relationship for many wedding becomes that line beyond which personal freedom stops. If at the time of the decision of the wedding partners are not yet quite ready to clearly analyze their future life, the closer the day of the wedding, the more they begin to think about what will be their life together on. In some ways there is a revaluation of its relation to a potential spouse, and many are aware that there is no love, there is only a common way of life, habits and sex. Build on this their family relationships are not all ready.
Reason 3. Do not correspond to the nature and interests
Well, when people have common interests, understand and accept the particular nature of their future spouse. But everyone is different, and if at the stage of living together before marriage people are still willing to put up with the peculiarities of his partner, the eve of the wedding, the groom or bride, so being in a state of extreme nervous tension, begin to look differently at the habits of her lover. Once there is the idea that people do not only change what will be the legitimate spouse, and the prospect of constantly put up with the character of the other, and to adapt to it, not all happy.

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