Wedding in Sri Lanka

Wedding in Sri Lanka
 Traditional wedding celebrations with endless toasts, long feast, noisy guests - not the most romantic choice for honeymooners. Today, many of them choose a special background for this happy day. Benefit opportunities abound - would be money.
 The ceremony, held at one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Sri Lanka, like a fairy-tale adventure. It takes place in the Buddhist spirit, to exotic local rituals. According to legend, the prisoners in Ceylon marriage is very strong. No wonder its name means "land of the pious."

To prepare for the wedding begin to advance in the morning. The bride and groom do hairstyles in traditional style, clothe them in a sari and sarong. Then put on an ornate elephant, and dancers to the sound of bells and drums accompany the young to the place of celebration.

Wedding itself takes place in a special catwalk poruve decorated with white jasmine and pink lotus flowers of coconut palms, laid by a white cloth. The bride and groom showered with coins and rice, which, as stated Lankan tradition bestow fertility and prosperity. Group of beautiful girls in national attire performs wedding hymns, praising the young and asking the blessing of heaven for them. On the floor throwing seven vine leaves to light forces defending the bride and groom. Then the couple change rings and go with poruvy, stepping right foot to the ground. At this point, as a sign of protection from evil forces over their heads split coconut.

With torches and oil lamps burning all prepared to follow a special place where the bride and groom at solemn drums together take a candle and lit it from his lamp. So they mark their new life together. The names of the newlyweds make the state of wedding books, and there are witnesses painted. Guests congratulate the newly minted husband and wife, raising their glasses with champagne foam, cut the gorgeous multi-tiered wedding cake.

The triumph completed a gala dinner at the hotel, where the young are delivered on an elephant. The final romantic chord - colorful fireworks on the Indian Ocean. The sound of the surf as well say to each other words of love.

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